About the Guild


The Mayne Island Quilt Guild was formed in 1992 by a group of quilters living on Mayne Island. They decided to meet monthly to share their love of quilting and to learn and develop their craft through sharing and educational workshops. Now, twenty five years later the Mayne Island Quilters’ Guild, with some of those same members, still meet monthly to promote their love of quilting and needlework.

In addition to the regular monthly meetings we hold a monthly workshop day, known as “Quilt Til You Wilt”, where members can come to the hall to work on individual projects, find help from more experienced quilters or work on community or group projects.

Community or group projects include:

  • Comfort Quilts made for community members experiencing illness or trauma
  • Days for Girls – an international program where feminine hygiene products are made and distributed to girls in under developed countries so  they can remain in school and continue their everyday activities.  The Guild initiated the program on Mayne, and we organize the sewing activities, but you do not need to be a guild member to join us to sew.  Just call us if you want to join so we can be ready with an introduction. All new  or experienced sewists are welcome! Contact: Sandy Sandvik for more details at: ssandvik@shaw.ca

A number of small satellite quilters groups have been formed to provide further opportunities for quilters to come together and work on their art. These groups meet at assigned times in quilters’ homes or small rental venues.


Membership is open to any person 16 years or older, who accepts the Constitution and Bylaws and pays the prescribed yearly membership fees.

Guild meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month (July and August excepted), at the Agricultural Hall, 430 Fernhill Road, at 9 am.  We meet to run the business of the guild, learn new quilting techniques, work on group or community projects and enjoy the the company of fellow quilters.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Attend meetings, workshops, field trips and other Guild functions, subject to payment of appropriate fees.
  • Learn quilting techniques and receive expert advice on your project design and assembly.
  • Exhibit work at guild meeting, quilt shows and community art exhibits.
  • Vote and hold office.

Fees    $40.00 per year

For more information on the guild, please contact our president, Sharon Bunnin, at

at  mayneislandquiltguild@gmail.com                                                                       

Mayne Island Quilters Guild