Round Robin

Started in October 2016, here are all the details for our DIY Round Robin:   


Start with an existing block you have, use a square from a preprinted panel you might like, make a block that will challenge you i.e. paper pieced new york beauty or a fussy cut hexie block, a traditional block, a modern block, or a small wool appliqued block!

ROUND 1 (October 2016)

Whichever colour in your main block there is the most of, in this round you have to use less of this colour.

Whichever colour in your main block there is least of, in this round you have to use more of this colour.

If, however your centre block has many fabrics (scrappy), first round is more of the lighter value and less of the darker value or vice versa.

Or if your block is equal light and dark (log cabin), then go with one or the other (i.e., less of the light and more of the dark).


ROUND 2: (January 2017)

You will have to use a technique from the November 2016 workshop  – i.e.:  A small bird or big bird or many,  maybe a tree or many, use the slashing technique to insert small strips or crosses,  or maybe the wonky corner blocks!  Use one, two or all three techniques that were demonstrated. Colors this time will be your choice but consider how it relates to your first round.  Consider the size of the round as well…you can make it large, only two sides, one side or use your imagination.  Get Creative with “IMPROV”! 

ROUND 3 (March 2017) :

It has to be three dimensional  – that can mean appliqué, embellishment, buttons, prairie points, fabric folding etc. This round can be any width you want or you can add your three dimensional  design to your previous Round Robin rows. Go wild!  

You do not have to do a new row…it is up to you…it’s your project!

ROUND 4  (May 2017):

It is hip to be square! This round has to be made of squares, any size and as many rows as you wish but they all have to be square!

Could be nine patch squares, could be square in a square, could be 4 patch, must go all the way around, could be just square after square, could be different sizes squares i.e.: a four patch and then a square the same size as the 4 patch, could be squares on point! etc.  Use your quilting skills and imagination but it must be SQUARE!

ROUND 5  (October 2017)

Your choice, but you must use 2 of the following 3: Triangles, Half Square Triangles or Flying Geese.

This round does not have to go all the way around – could be one side, 2 sides, 3 sides, 4! It’s up to you. 

Or you could combine two of the triangle style techniques into one block, like this example:  But you can’t use the Missouri star block …this is just a teaser!!

Have fun creating!

ROUND 6  (December 2017)

It is all about borders but nothing final about this round!! 

At least two sides have to be the same….but what about if each border round is different?

Not all fours sides can be the same only two at the most.  You must try at least two different techniques – traditional blocks in the corner, appliqué on the border, or use your imagination and think of the design and colours or your previous rounds.  You can use a technique that Vel showed in our October meeting (see link ideas in the Dec. newsletter).

Oh and it is a Round Robin, right?  So you must do robins, birds, that could mean flying geese (traditional or modern!), feathers, bird colours, fat little round robins or stems, leaves, birdies and flower applique!  Your choice! Tell a story and be able to tell Vel and Sandy how your border meets the Round Robin #6 rules!  

Just remember only two of the 4 borders can be the same or all different if you are feeling creative…..and you must try at least two different border techniques from the description above or if you have 4 different borders then 4 different techniques!.  Clear as mud right!?